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  Self sealing bags  [ price list of standard sizes ]

– a self-closing strip facilitates easy closing and opening as well as resealing, and therefore the packaging is also suitable for applying dosages of the product or storing the product while in use

– the 50 micron thick polyethylene (PE) provides stability
– the base material is usable for the food industry and for health purposes
– 20 standard sizes between 40 x 60 mm and 500 x 550 mm are permanently in stock, but other sizes can also be produced in request
– printed and covered versions are also available if more than 10,000 pieces are ordered
Self sealing bags

BOPP bags with
   BOPP bags

– the raw material is crystal clearly transparent (BOPP = biaxially oriented polypropylene)
– thickness can be between 20 and 40 microns
– can be printed with up to 6 colours
– various constructions: simple bags, side gusset bags, crossed bottom bags
– with or without euro-hole
– there could be an adhesive stripe on the bag, otherwise the bag may be sealed with impulse heat sealing


    Paper bags

– seed bags
– unprinted or flexo printed
                                                          seed bag
BOPP bags with
                    adhesive stripe
                                                          self closing
printed paper bags

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