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Vacuum thermoformed packaging

Skin and blister packaging solutions are advantageous for the commercial packaging of small, demanding products. The common feature of the two technologies is that the goods to be packaged are protected by a transparent (PVC or PET) foil, which has been formed by high temperature. Our company offers:

– design for skin and blister packaging of individual products, including the design and manufacturing of thermoforming moulds
– prototype construction to help decision making
– contract-based skin and blister packaging
– manufacture and installation of the required packaging machines and devices (hiring is also possible) as well as technology training if required
Blister packaging
In skin packaging, the foil, softened by heat, forms a skin-type layer over the product and the blister board. The contact between the board and the foil is provided by a glue layer, which is activated by heat.

– the product is stably attached to the board by the foil
– for metal objects it provides temporary corrosion  protection
– the product is well visible yet is protected
– advantageous in self-service systems
– both sides of the board can be printed
– does not involve additional tool cost (an advantage over the blister packaging)
Skin packaging
                                                          blister with
                                                          board The common feature of blister packaging technology is that the vacuum thermoformed transparent blister enfolds the product and protects it. There are various practical implementations.

Standard blister: the blisterboard is coated by a special surface layer which can be activated by high pressure and temperature. Some blister packaging equipment is needed to attach the blister's flange to the board by high pressure
Sliding blister: the flange of the blister is folded and can be slid on the board
Clamshell: the packaging consists of only one part (plastic) and the blister can be folded like a clam
Blister with overfolded board: the blister is attached by the overfolded board (ideal for small series, as does not require any blister packaging equipment)
                                                          blister with
                                                          board Blister fixed on wooden plate
                                                          board Blister
Blister with
                overfolded board

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